Our mission

It starts with a culture—the foundation for any successful enterprise—a culture that inspires our people to improve every day.

Our team is mission-based: We design, build, and power Emergency Systems for our Customers trough out the world. We believe in a better way: We constantly learn from our customers, our competition and each other.

We seek solutions for our customers and society. And we are a “We Company.” We know that strong teams with great people outperform individuals. That is why Watts exist.

  • —We are recognized as the leading critical power supplier of GE Critical Power (AC and DC) products
  • —We have decades of combined in-house expertise
  • —We have the engineering, technical and fabrication skill to deliver the right solution every time
  • —We have the people to handle small and large projects globally
  • —We implement, service and support anywhere on the globe