Mobile Phone Companies

Have you ever wondered why your cell phone works during power outages.  Likely it has something to do with Watts power systems that are installed at cell towers.  Our systems guarantee that mobile phone providers can go on providing essential communications services to their clients.  They also provide a level of personal security during times of power disruption.

Government Emergency Communications Centres

Many government agencies have chosen to use Watts' power systems to protect emergency communication centres.  These centres act as a lifeline during emergency situations of all sorts.  Our systems are relied on to protect the people, property and lives.

Non-Emergency Private and Government Communications Systems

As communications infrastructure evolves many systems in the communication equipment is managed by the company and not the telecom providers.  These systems must also be backed up and protected to ensure the integrity of the communications infrastructure.  Satellite ground stations, communications relays, hubs, switches and other equipment needs both protection and power to ensure they function as needed EVERYTIME.  

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