Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

NBC, the American Broadcaster and the sole broadcaster of Olympic content, required a significant backup system to ensure that the Olympics broadcasts were uninterupted.  Watts designed, installed and maintained the system during the Olympics.  The Olympics went off without a hitch and our systems contributed to guaranteeing their success.

London 2012 Summer Olympics

The London Olympics required critical power systems to backup a variety of systems to ensure the games success.  Watts designed, installed and maintained these systems during the games leading to a successful and uninterupted games.

Montreal Grand Prix

The Montreal Grand Prix required many systems to generate power and provide and uninteruptible power supply.  Our systems guaranteed their success.

Festivals, Street Fairs, Concerts etc

Large global events are only the tip of the iceberg.  They demonstrate our capability, but our business is not simply focused on events of this size.  National, City and Local events have also been powered by Watts.  We cater to events of all shapes and sizes from National Festivals  to street fairs.  We can help you put a power systems in place to meet your needs and protect your investment.  

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